Terms of Service


If you have any special instructions or questions please let us know before the cleaning.

Please allow sometime for your team to arrive. They have other houses that may take longer than expected. The time we give you is an estimate. We try to keep the window within an hour of that time. If the team is running later than expected you will be contacted by the office for an update.  

A 24 hour notice must be given for any service that must be postponed or canceled. If a notice is not sent by phone or email within 24 hours, a $25 charge will be applied to your account.  

We bring our own cleaning products and supplies unless you have something else we would rather use. If you feel that you would rather the team use your equipment, we are not responsible for any damage to your personal cleaning equipment.  

If you have animals please inform us before the service. We do not clean animal urine and feces, and are not responsible for any left around your house. 

If this is a first time cleaning, the service must be paid the day of the cleaning. Either by check or cash to the team before they leave. We can also accept Debit or Credit (Sorry No AMEX). The card info must be given to the office before the service, but we will not charge until after the service is complete. If your invoice is over 30 days past due, you will be charged a minimum of double your total, and will continue to double until sent to collections. If there is a stop payment on your check, up to 3 times the amount can be collected.

We guerentee our service, but we do not issue refunds. We will work with you to correct any problem that has occured, but if you refuse to work with us you waive your right for a guarentee. If you do not contact us the same day after the cleaning with the possible issue, then we cannot guarentee our service. We require that the cleaning is inspected to your liking directly after the service. We reserve right to refuse service to anyone before or after the cleaning. 

Additional Services not included in regular cleaning will be added to your bill and require a notice before the beginning of your service.

We Are Licensed & Bonded.